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The Colin Park Show

On air: Sundays 11-12 Noon


My great love of music was born in the late 1950s. Although I was far too young to be a real part of it, the pub across the road from our house blasted out carefree, wild, rock ‘n’ roll and I loved it. My taste has been expanding ever since.

I guess it was the late 1960s when I first became aware of my developing tastes. As the 1970s approached I found myself listening to what I fancied depending on my mood rather than the trend. However, Abba and Peter, Paul and Mary were then out of the question – drowned out by the likes of Led Zeppelin and seemingly belittled by the meaningful lyrics and mesmerising, psychedelic sound of Pink Floyd.

Nowadays I appreciate comparitively recent rediscoveries from the very roots like Woodie Guthrie and Hank Williams. Leonard Cohen continues to reflect my experiences of life, Van Morrison too. The list goes on with liberal sprinklings of country, motown, jazz and folk.

To sum up I have developed an extremely wide taste in music. And yes I do now listen to Abba and Peter, Paul and Mary – not only that but I love ‘em!

So you never know what you’ll hear on my Sunday show. Please join me for a rummage together through the genres and the decades. Choice of music will be influenced by what was high in the charts in that particular month and which musicians birthdays coincide with that week.

Amid chat about trivia that happened around that time back in history, there’s always a Mystery Lyric and Mystery Intro to guess too.

I look forward to your company.



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